Video Game Addiction Treatment Clinic
Helping people live well with digital media
Services Offered
  1. Risk Management
    Intimidation, aggression, theft, disrespect & risks of harm are common issues to the Clinic. You can get help for this specific problem.
  2. Preventive Consultations
    Whether you want to prevent things getting worse or avoid tech problems completely, Emil can work proactively with you.
  3. Consultation
    Emil has been featured on major TV channels, digital and printed news and radio stations. He has presented to Schools, parents & professional organisations. Interested?
  4. Pro-gamer or Streamer?
    More and more parents are concerned about their children wanting to become a Pro-gamer and/or make a career out of streaming. Is this you?
  5. Treatment
    For those who want help for themselves or for someone else. Click below to learn about Emil's approach & how he can help.
  6. Relationships
    Whether you are a worried parent, partner, sibling or friend, Emil can help to repair the relationship(s) & work on the problem behaviours. Even when the person you are worried about does not want help.
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Emil Hodzic
Specialising in video game addiction and software misuse.
Find out more about him here
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