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When serious problems occur with software misuse, including internet misuse, relationships are severly damaged & can be destroyed. You may be a parent, child, partner, sibling or friend. The effects, broadly speaking, are quite similiar. The signs, patterns and cycles that can occur may involve the following:
  • Power struggles for who does what. Typically, less or no screen time and more time spent on face to face relationships and IRL (in real life) responsibilities
  • Avoiding eachother, followed by fights, followed again by avoidance
  • A lack of empathy for the other persons needs and rights
  • High levels of distress (e.g. anger, despair, depression, anxiety and stress)
  • A very high ratio of Negative to Positve/neutral communication
  • An unfair distribution of household chores. Often, one person, the one who needs the most rest, is doing most or all of them
  • Threats or actual psychological or physical abuse (against people and/or objects)
  • More time being spent online while less and less time is spent face-to-face
Read below for more information specific to you.
You are the parent
You are very worried about your childs future. They are spending more time in the digital world and losing their face-to-face connections. They are feeling less satisfied, or not at all, with the face-to-face world. They are beginning to, are increasingly so or have completely abandonded the academic, professional, financial and social sources of nourishment. They may have stolen from you, become aggressive or become completely depressed and impossible to reach. They may have or are still suicidal. They may be so aggressive that you're just trying to "keep the peace".  You in turn don't know how to help them because nothing seems to be working. Or, it's working at the great expense of your relationship with them. You wish things could be the way they were before "this bloody [device-x ] came along".
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You are the partner
You are the gamer and net user
You feel guilty and ashamed that you are automatically prioritising the online world above your partner and family. You realise that you are not feeling anywhere near the joy you used to with them and you are instead feeling it online. From time to time you can see and feel how awefully wrong this picture is. Or, the problem is that you just don't know how to leave. You feel stuck and all you feel from others is their negativity towards your behaviour. This just makes you want to spend more time online. You may be tired or exhausted from your online commitments and this may be affecting your ability to function as a partner, parent and at work.
Or, you don't believe there's anything wrong and that your partner is trying to force you into their kind of normality.
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You are the partner of the gamer and net user
You are frustrated and angry with them. You need their practical and emotional support. Your approaches may be met with more avoidance and aggression. There are times when they try to make an effort to improve the relationship and home but somehow things go backwards again. You and your partner may also have a child(ren) and you are worried about how it is affecting them. You may also be seeing your children immitating your partners problem behaviours and you're terrified about what will come next.
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You are the sibling
You used to have a good relationship with them. If you live with them, they bully you off the device (PC, playstation tablet etc) or are on it so much that you barely talk anymore. You may feel like you don't have a brother or sister anymore. You may be worried about what will happen to their life and feel really down about seeing them in such a negative space. You might even begin copying them and feel worried about this. You may even understand why they're on it so much and wish things around them could just change. Then, things would be ok again.
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