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Risk Management
It is common for Emil to help people who are at risk in the following way(s):
  • Risk of violence including property damage
  • Risk of or ongoing intimidation and threats
  • Risk of suicide
  • Risk of reputation (commonly due to theft)
  • Risk of homelesness
  • Risk to ones education ( e.g school, college & university)
  • Ceased progress towards life stages 
  • Risk of job loss & income
Emil is experienced in working with both the person of concern and their parents, partners and siblings in managing the above risks. A common issue reported by referrers (parents, partners and siblings) is that the person of concern is completely unwilling to participate in resolving differences, restoring peace to the home and quality of life for everyone involved. They just want to be left alone and get very aggressive or defensive if concern is expressed or support is offered.
Emil is experienced in helping people and families even when the person of concern is unwilling to participate at all. Emil can coach, support and help you achieve a positive change in the home. Their participation is ideal, as it is important that they have a say in how things change. But, their non-attendance does not mean that everyone stays stuck.
So don't lose hope.
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Planning for risk
Emil can help you to plan for future crises and learn from your previous incidents. He can help you see the cycles that occur, when and how to intervene. If you are reading this it's likely you or someone you know is stuck. Or, the situation is continuing in an aweful downward spiral. 
Emil can help you.
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Please note you will get the fastest response by calling the number below.
Tel.:      0400 816 915
Fax:     (02) 8246 3436